Sprechzimmer Labor

Laboratory practice for chronic infectious diseases

Consultation, diagnostics and therapy of borellia and co-infections

Dedimed Analyse

DEDIMED is a specialized, private laboratory practice focusing on integrative medicine. We use our core competencies for a holistic diagnosis of chronic infectious diseases. Thanks to our many years of experience combined with the knowledge of school medicine, laboratory diagnostics, complementary medicine and state-of-the-art technology, we can provide a holistic diagnosis of disease and complaints. To set an optimal diagnosis for the detection of a Borrelia infection, we focus on all pathogens that can be acquired during the course of a life (co-infections) and can possibly burden the patient in the form of chronic infections. In addition, we take into account all influences that modulate the immune system of the infected patient, such as, for example, allergies and exposure to heavy metals.



Therapy concepts for combating complaints

We are extending our diagnostic approach through the field of therapy and are thus supporting our patients in the fight against infectious diseases and their ailments. Chronic infections usually result in chronic inflammation, considerable disturbances in immune defense, permanent fatigue and hormonal imbalances. With our therapy concepts, we can successfully help the predominant part of the patients in order to obtain a clear improvement in the symptoms or even to become completely free of complaints.
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