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Medical laboratory for infectious diseases

High-tech, lab-medical analysis of chronic infections

Analyselabor Dedimed

We are consistently following the suspicion of an infection

We are a medical laboratory dedicated to the various aspects of bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. As a rule, in the case of standard laboratories, a screening is carried out to identify pathogen-specific antibodies. This is often not sufficient due to the complexity of the disease patterns, the variability of the pathogens and the moderate quality of a screening test.


Diagnostics at Dedimed is far more specific and sensitive. Especially for the detection of the Borrelia infection, we perform a very differentiated spectrum of investigation.

Due to its high sensitivity, we also partially detect with our testing cross-reactivity borrelia, which are not present in the test. We recognize antibodies against Co-infections with similarly qualified tests. In the case of an unclear infection situation, we identify sensitive messenger substances of the immune system, which are involved in the immune reaction of the cells.


Diagnosis & Therapy of Borrelia Infection

For the diagnosis of chronic infectious diseases such as borreliosis , Dedimed compiles comprehensive findings from the fields of infectiology, immunology, hematology, autoimmunology, allergy, coagulation, endocrinology and toxicology. Genetic dispositions for, for example, causing a lack of antibody formation are also taken into account when the findings are made.


Especially in the field of borrelia and co-infections, the Dedimed Laboratory offers a very sensitive and specific diagnosis. Our medical laboratory is expanded by a connected therapy center. As an essential prerequisite for targeted therapy, we measure humoral parameters and, as cellular analysis, lymphocyte differentiation. In addition, we are recording the formation of a biofilm using the ISAC protocol according to Dr. Berg.

We look at the patient with a holistic laboratory diagnosis

Chronic-inflammatory processes are an enormous burden on the patient. By knowing these stresses, a targeted selection of immersive measures can accompany the therapy. In our holistic approach to the diagnosis of chronic infections, we take into account stressful processes. A chronic inflammatory process regularly leads to an endocrine misregulation, which we detect by the measurement of stress hormones. Thus, we consider the stress hormones, the stress with toxic heavy metals, and also genetic dispositions in the absence of or little antibody synthesis. The knowledge of this disposition can, for example, explain the lack of antibody formation in clinically clear symptoms and confirms the extraordinary importance of a germeliminating therapy.


Disease is measurable

Laboratory diagnostics has gained increasing importance for the diagnosis of diseases through research and development. A special laboratory, such as the Dedimed Europarc Laboratory, is equipped with procedures that meet the latest scientific standards in diagnostics. Disease is thus measured in the truest sense of the word.


Our medical laboratory is always at your disposal for medical diagnostic questions. Please contact our Laboratory Dr. Anton Waldherr.