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Borreliosis medical Practice Berlin: Dedimed

Specialized in chronic infectious diseases

Borreliose Praxis Berlin

Medical Practice for the consultation, diagnosis and therapy of borreliosis and co-infections

DEDIMED is a specialized, private laboratory practice and focuses on integrative medicine. We use our core competences for a holistic diagnosis of chronic infectious diseases such as borreliosis.
Thanks to our many years of experience combined with the knowledge of school medicine, laboratory diagnostics, complementary medicine and state-of-the-art technology, we can provide a holistic diagnosis of disease and complaints.

For the optimal diagnosis for the detection of a Borrelia infection, we focus on all pathogens that can be acquired during the course of a life (co-infections) and possibly the patient in the form of chronic infections. In addition, we take into account all influences that modulate the immune system of the infected patient, such as, for example, allergies and heavy metal stress.

Medical Management of Borreliosis Practice: Dr. Waldherr

Our practice at the Dedimed Europarc Laboratory is directed by Dr. med. Anton Waldherr. Dr. Waldherr obtained his license in 1967. In 1973, the specialist physician followed. Between 1969 and 1987, Dr. Waldherr ran several positions at the university hospital in Erlangen, Germany. Another important station in his career is the administration of the Central Office of the Jewish Hospital between 2007-2009. Since 2015, he has been the medical director of the Dedimed Europarc laboratory practice and, together with his team, he conducts his practice for chronic infections, chronic borreliosis and their co-infections.
Dr. Waldherr has 20 years of experience in the field of chronic infections and borreliosis due to his many years of work and many patient talks.

In his practice as a borreliologist, Dr. Waldherr is not only looking after patients from Berlin, Kleinmachnow and various regions in Germany. International patients are also advised and treated by him.

In his Borreliosis test, Dr. Waldherr uses a total of 18 different tests for Borrelia antibodies ; Which is significantly more than in routine. The hit rate here is well over 90 percent , whether the patient is serologically positive or negative. Two different measurement techniques are used. The immunofluorescence test with 12 parameters and the immunoblot test with 6 parameters. Within the framework of these measurement techniques, no classical screenings are carried out, but differentiation is made between the different, pathogenic types of borrelia. Thus a very high sensitivity and specificity is achieved.

In addition, Dr. Waldherr offers in his practice a tick test with subsequent diagnostics to investigate whether ticks are colonized with Borrelia or TBE virus.



Therapy concepts for combating the symptoms of a chronic infection

We are extending our diagnostic approach through the field of therapy and are thus supporting our patients in the fight against infectious diseases and their ailments. Chronic infections usually result in chronic inflammation, considerable disturbances in immune defense, permanent fatigue and hormonal imbalances. With our therapy concepts, we can successfully help the overwhelming part of the patients in order to obtain a clear improvement in the symptoms or even to become completely problem-free.
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TIP: Patients who do not live in Berlin receive blood sampling kits for the 18 Paramter Borrelia test. With this blood sampling material, they then go to their (usually a house) doctor and send the tube with the blood and the requirement to Dedimed. The findings are then discussed with Dr. Waldherr by phone and sent to the patient by mail. A short telephone call with specialist physician Dr. Waldherr is recommended, in order to clarify questions about the diagnosis, illness and treatment and to obtain detailed information.