• Chronic infections
    Recognize chronic infections at an early stage in order to consciously fight against them and become more powerful again.
  • Precaution
    Infectious diseases lurk everywhere. This is why protection from this danger is all the more important in order for the body to remain healthy and fit.
  • Zoonoses
    Infectious diseases can spread quickly. For example by zoonoses, that is, from animal to man and vice versa.

Your laboratory surgery for Integrative Medicine

DEDIMED is a private laboratory surgery for Integrative Medicine. Our core competence is the holistic diagnosis of chronic infectious diseases such as borreliosis. With the available years of experience, we strive to provide the best diagnosis for the detection of Borrelia infection. Our diagnostic approach is extended by the therapy with the goal of healing. In doing so, we focus on all pathogens around of the ​​borreliosis, which can be acquired in the course of life (co-infections) and may burden the patient in terms of chronic infections. All influences on the immune system of the infected patient, such as stress from heavy metals and allergies, are also considered.



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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone 033203 879420.

Modern, holistic laboratory diagnostics

DEDIMED means holistic and patient-friendly laboratory diagnostics. On the basis of a detailed anamnesis of the condition, we determine the treatment by means of stage diagnostics and prepare the best possible diagnostic profiles for our patients. In doing so, we draw on many years of experience. We combine the knowledge of school medicine, laboratory diagnostics and complementary medicine with state-of-the-art technology in order to be able to afford an intensive, holistic diagnosis of symptoms and complaints. We work quality-driven with state-of-the-art technologies and in open dialogue with our patients. As an independent laboratory, compliance with the most stringent medical standards and safety requirements in combination with intensive quality control is self-evident to us.



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